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Measuring Swing Voters with a Machine Learning Approach

Moral Epistemology and Ideological Conflict in American Political Behavior

Crowded Coalitions: How Demographics, Ideology, and Issue Priorities Divide and Sustain the Contemporary American Parties

Using Bayesian Aldrich-McKelvey Scaling to Study Citizens' Ideological Preferences and Perceptions


At the Original Position as a Fetus: Rawlsian Political Theory, Human Rights, and the Pro-Life Imperative

Do Latino Christians and Seculars fit the Culture War Profile? Latino Religiosity and Political Behavior

Analyzing Spatial Models of Choice and Judgment with R


Ideological Constraint and Polarization in the American Electorate

Using Optimal Classification to Analyze Mass Political Preferences


alpha-NOMINATE (an MCMC version of NOMINATE)


Polarization and the Ideological Mapping of Core Beliefs and Values


The Polarization of Contemporary American Politics

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